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STICKY: New account requests   04/24/18  (205)
***** OFFICIAL 2018 NFL Draft Thread (sponsored by xoxo ballet pumo) *****    04/26/18  (95)
NFL draft is trash now shut the fuck up    04/26/18  (1)
Aaron Corp to the Jets!    04/26/18  (1)
Chick I know said she only dates guys who make over $100k a yr...    04/26/18  (64)
Dear Abby: I have three sisters who wont come to visit me. I am older and their    04/26/18  (1)
I had no idea HoldUp was so deranged and retarded    04/26/18  (13)
Why doesn't Melania want to hold Trump's hand?    04/26/18  (15)
Officially off the Weed train, it is for low functioning loser trash    04/26/18  (9)
Jamarcus Russell #1    04/26/18  (1)
Jamarcus Russell #1    04/26/18  (1)
Immigration should be more like recruitment    04/26/18  (50)
I want horrible things to happen to that god dell fraud    04/26/18  (1)
Karla Kush doing PREGGO pr0n now. Not flame. (pics inside)    04/26/18  (22)
XO can someone recommend me a good law firm for SEC broker dealer shit?    04/26/18  (11)
NFL is trash this is a retarded draft its all fraud propaganda jerry Jones can    04/26/18  (1)
Wine cellars are boring - who here has a CHEESE CAVE?    04/26/18  (7)
Your Sony A6000 next to iPhone X next to Airpods next to MacBook Pro next to    04/26/18  (5)
"fuck gc! fuck sportscucks!" *poasts enthusiastically in the nfl draft thread*    04/26/18  (1)
Was Toronto incel van dood a 4chan user? Where was he poasting re: incels    04/26/18  (11)
If I was trump and penn governor Id pardon Bill Cosby    04/26/18  (2)
what's the difference between viagra and cialis ? which is more CR ?    04/26/18  (14)
When i was in hs i listened to 5 mins of a smiths album and dad came in the room    04/26/18  (6)
LOL look at the book lawman8 recommended to bloodacre (pic)    04/26/18  (1)
A Cask of Pepsi Cola, Benzo as Fortunato, TSINAH as Montresor    04/26/18  (1)
Popular childrens books but they are about XO poasters    04/26/18  (124)
Yeah the brown will be sooo much better with some unproven college player    04/26/18  (1)
are all of the chicks on Model Mayhem escorts? ITT a random search of Indiana    04/26/18  (53)
Waiting For Clean White Godot of Truth    04/26/18  (1)
damn darnold is ugly    04/26/18  (1)
Got invited into FreeMasons, should I join?    04/26/18  (24)
lawman8 triggers bloodacre with a single picture (PIC)    04/26/18  (1)
luis fully nude in his 500 sq ft 1 br Sunnyvale apartment ($2850/mo    04/26/18  (12)
LJL at ARE justice system that cosby gets death sentence    04/26/18  (9)
Rate the Silicon Valley tech uniform (pic    04/26/18  (1)
One shot at existence and u were a cog in a kike casino nightmare machine    04/26/18  (74)
Im a garbage nfl team and I get someone overrated fraud unproven football olaye    04/26/18  (1)
lawman8 occupies bloodacre's brain rent free (pic)    04/26/18  (3)
45 minutes into Wonder Woman    04/26/18  (3)
I actually bought the dead kennedys album w the dicks poaster in it.    04/26/18  (6)
SPIN | RAT | FUCKS    04/26/18  (13)
Id like the Mexicans to dissolve the entire nfl in acid    04/26/18  (3)
listening to entire Kanye Discography today, FUCK LIBS    04/26/18  (7)
If I posted a BJ vid, 100% chance people would say I have a small cock...    04/26/18  (10)
Realtalk: Is Social Security going to be around when we retire? No one agrees    04/26/18  (61)
not an 'nfl guy', smart 2 draft undersized qb who's never played in prostyle sys    04/26/18  (3)
Lawman8 despises International Jewry and I'm a Jew, but we're friends    04/26/18  (4)
Life hack: scrounge for shit at dump and then donate it 2 goodwill. Tax dedictib    04/26/18  (3)
lawman8 clowning on bloodacre (pic)    04/26/18  (10)
Midnight Marauders has aged very well    04/26/18  (4)
PrestigeFaggot sure takes up a lot of space in Watchmens head    04/26/18  (46)
FUCK. Bachelor party this weekend and I feel like getting sick.    04/26/18  (7)
My FB feed is blowing up with people blowing up $500 Yeti Coolers    04/26/18  (27)
Median housing prices hit record across Bay Area ($1.3M in SF, SJ, SM counties    04/26/18  (1)
Refunkulus is a retard; Amazon continues to PWN    04/26/18  (2)
BOOMER REVOLT! boomers are burning and smashing their Yeti coolers    04/26/18  (2)
Oh great, Bibi's at the White House again, pounding Melania upstairs    04/26/18  (5)
some weed you can vape all day; some weed isnt for shit.    04/26/18  (2)
told kid i was proud of him--you know why?    04/26/18  (10)
baker mafield's sarging failing as wilbur mercer towers over him @ cleveland bww    04/26/18  (1)
Billionaire Khosla Is Asking the Supreme Court to Keep People Off His Beach    04/26/18  (189)
why in the FUCK do I watch the NFL draft every fucking year?    04/26/18  (6)
nothing to bill or strive for.... and no revisions too    04/26/18  (4)
Was Howard Dean's scream really even that bad?    04/26/18  (18)
sometimes i type "me thing" instead of "my thing" because e and y are close on k    04/26/18  (1)
Flynn: "Yes - Russia is blackmailing me. But they're blackmailing Trump too."    04/26/18  (11)
Aaron Corp just got LUCKY AS FUCK. Browns are fucked.    04/26/18  (1)
wife asked me if kid should quit swimming because the coach yelled at him.    04/26/18  (13)
Why is Bill Clinton breaking down the NFL Draft?    04/26/18  (1)
Fox & Friends shuts down interview as UNHINGED Trump starts ranting abt Mueller.    04/26/18  (3)
WSJ: Cohen told friend he was in the RUSSIAN mob    04/26/18  (4)
Who would have thought that Eminem and Kayne would both totally reverse?    04/26/18  (6)
disgusting, unapologetic farting    04/26/18  (3)
Had a nice cute gf but she was cutting herself and got kicked out of school    04/26/18  (5)
Hypo: what if Trump was actually a Russian agent    04/26/18  (2)
After Arduous Journey, Migrants See Stubborn Obstacle: Trump (NY Times):    04/26/18  (17)
HoldUp I want to circumcise your uncut cock with my teeth    04/26/18  (2)
Bboom we are going to help you friend! Cr!    04/26/18  (3)
"Chad" is starting to become an IRL term, just LOL (nymag not flame)    04/26/18  (3)
You morons, you can quit your job and do 15 months in electrician or I&C school    04/26/18  (1)
trial by jury is possibly the stupidest thing ever conceived    04/26/18  (55)
If I posted a BJ vid, 100% chance people would say I give good head    04/26/18  (3)
legit never seen anything like deranged libs' Trump hysteria    04/26/18  (32)
mystery ape lover are you a grape lover    04/26/18  (1)
How many of you without live in wife/gf have a bed frame?    04/26/18  (66)
Parkland Students were at Time 100 Party w/ JLo's Booty    04/26/18  (1)
libs still cant come to terms with yeezus being the best album of all time    04/26/18  (2)
ITT poast stories of people ruining their careers    04/26/18  (21)
Holdup has an 8 inch cock...    04/26/18  (9)
Libs: "Trump is racist!" Also libs: "Kanye is a dumb buckwild nigger"    04/26/18  (6)
Lol Charlie Rose to host show interviewing other men fucked by #metoo    04/26/18  (5)
lady tv anchor accidentally caresses her nipple while reporting on a rape (video    04/26/18  (4)
Holy shit okcupid has undergone a massive decline in 4 years    04/26/18  (4)
Yeah let's bring in 130+ IQ immigrants to take all the GOOD jobs from real ameri    04/26/18  (3)
Today in Florida shitlaw: dead man's finger at morgue used to unlock phone    04/26/18  (1)
White Gay Men Are Hindering Our Progress As A Queer Community    04/26/18  (7)
Look, the guy has a small dick but it did get sucked, right?    04/26/18  (29)
Where to cop Cialis online?    04/26/18  (3)
ready for the nfl slave auction?    04/26/18  (1)
Paul Rudd shot in head by police    04/26/18  (17)
pro-immigration is anti-black    04/26/18  (4)
ur an idiot to take misty "31 fouette" copeland in fantasy ballet    04/26/18  (7)
Wife pregnant with boy. Should I just name him Chad?    04/26/18  (5)
Stebbins is a weirdo loner with no father figure    04/26/18  (2)
HoldUp what do u do for work?    04/26/18  (28)
How a Philly Cheesesteak Destroyed America [VICE]    04/26/18  (44)
SPIN | RAT | FUCKS    04/26/18  (3)
"But like...who audits the auditors, man?" *takes bong rip* (Gary Johnson)    04/26/18  (22)
A comment on the John Kerry whining in the Vice philly cheesesteak article    04/26/18  (1)
I am so 4 holdup it's not even funny    04/26/18  (3)
how are the cops/media linking people to 4chan accounts?    04/26/18  (2)
Why does Kushner-owned NY Observer publish anti-Trump articles like this (LINK)?    04/26/18  (2)
COONye West    04/26/18  (1)
2001: *Wilbur uploading his pic to hotornot.com* "heh, no height requirement"    04/26/18  (1)
doodikoff did u go to sweetwater 420 fest?    04/26/18  (1)
Joy Ann Reid burns the ships, doubles down.    04/26/18  (49)
TSINAH might even lose his law career if he got googlebombed during campaign    04/26/18  (1)
"He works for Amazon and I got his credit card!" lmfao this vid is incredible    04/26/18  (8)
CharlesXII dating manager giving update, taking q's (Krampus)    04/26/18  (84)
Republican establishment rallying to get Gary Johnson to 15% by Labor Day    04/26/18  (31)
JFC...my wife has sold $600 of her art in the 24 hours since her site went live    04/26/18  (15)
Would you marry this hot teen who has 1 arm?    04/26/18  (22)
TWO trees have been planted in Israel in honor of my new babby    04/26/18  (9)
Whittier, you should hit this person up on seekingarrangement (not flame)    04/26/18  (12)
Ever think about doing a small acid attack on your gf's face?    04/26/18  (3)
Romans welcoming caravan of Goths led by Odoacer into Rome    04/26/18  (11)
Delete social media, become a Christian, or you're a shitlib fuck    04/26/18  (4)
I'm glad lawman8 liked that dudes dick    04/26/18  (12)
XO's leading incel scholar here: 50th percentile women worse off than men, actua    04/26/18  (31)
Bill Cosby telling fellow inmates to pull up their pants    04/26/18  (5)
What do you think about Uniqlo?    04/26/18  (32)
The dating market has been optimized so women can avoid men like you    04/26/18  (58)
I can get 7-8s in person but fight hard to get 6.5s on apps    04/26/18  (4)
Why did Libs kill poor little Alfie Evans?    04/26/18  (23)
Billion dollar idea: "pussfume"    04/26/18  (1)
Bill Cosby: life in prison for fingering a chick who looks like a man; U: poast    04/26/18  (3)
I can get 4-5s in person, but fight insanely hard to get 2s on apps    04/26/18  (5)
My gf says the only dude she's fucked with bigger cock    04/26/18  (3)
Your honor, my client can represent to you that the dick was indeed sucked.    04/26/18  (3)
nyuug thread makes me want to see Avengers movie    04/26/18  (1)
Religion is a means of structuring a pathway to theosis for human brains    04/26/18  (2)
whitter, dtp, and the "incel" crew    04/26/18  (2)
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz    04/26/18  (2)
"Dating Jewish Men Made Me More Anti-Semitic: How I Changed" (WaPo)    04/26/18  (2)
One of the Neville Brothers died today    04/26/18  (3)
damn daddy sucking my dick like he's playing sax solo in Baker Street    04/26/18  (2)

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