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STICKY: New account requests   09/19/18  (220)
Libs: Jesus was full of shit. Also, Kavanaugh accuser is def telling the truth    09/23/18  (3)
shrew gf: take me places!; autistic gf: between us, don't leave spaces    09/23/18  (25)
shrew gf: Racism, Let's bash this TTT; 2ndcuz: Make it hurt where I pee    09/23/18  (16)
Met Boner P the other day. U can literally see the Jew ovens in his death glare    09/23/18  (4)
shrew gf: counts her salary; autistic gf: counts calories    09/23/18  (19)
Shrew gf: two in the stink, one in the stink; autistic gf: I cant get clean :(    09/23/18  (5)
ITT: I explain Drunkard's stupid story in one coherent paragraph    09/23/18  (81)
Tsukemen: amirite or amirite?    09/23/18  (1)
Autistic GF: shy, deferential; shrew gf: HI!, "not Presidential!"    09/23/18  (2)
shrew gf: Brunch!; autistic gf: I have the same thing for lunch everyday.    09/23/18  (23)
*Laura Linney in a fat suit and black shades testifying before Senate*    09/23/18  (3)
Reminder: Gaston did nothing wrong.    09/23/18  (9)
After spending days goading Ford to testify, Trumpmos now upset she's going to    09/23/18  (1)
Would Elliot Rodger still be alive today if he had found XO in time?    09/23/18  (5)
Why do libs keep saying Ford's testimony matters? Dumb or just flaming?    09/23/18  (14)
The end of A Quiet Place is awful    09/23/18  (2)
If Kavanaugh was telling the truth he would've withdrawn already (NYT)    09/23/18  (6)
Laver Cup 2018 #tennis    09/23/18  (24)
Is Tesla a Ponzi scheme?    09/23/18  (2)
Trumptard logic: witnesses disproved Ford's account by "seeing" what they didn't    09/23/18  (3)
Predict the outcome of the Kavanaugh hearing on Thursday    09/23/18  (36)
Pope Francis admits he is the devil    09/23/18  (4)
biz idea: bar with a 5'6 height limit    09/23/18  (5)
Her name is Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Use it.    09/23/18  (10)
Psychologist: its actually normal 4 rape victims to sign notarized stmt exonerat    09/23/18  (1)
so libs think it's impossible a woman would make up a story?    09/23/18  (41)
Why even bother as a Millennial?    09/23/18  (41)
Movie idea: Bomb is strapped to sleeping baby, explodes if it wakes up    09/23/18  (2)
Adrian from Rocky was basically Autistic GF    09/23/18  (4)
THURSDAY?? this is insane    09/23/18  (10)
anyone seen Active Measures?    09/23/18  (1)
Wings, light beer, cheering on the team, zero IRL friends, crippling loneliness    09/23/18  (2)
Bros, I have like 15 moquito bites on my back, just where my right arm can barel    09/23/18  (8)
SP here. While yes I am high now, I think i finally understand why construction    09/23/18  (12)
Watching Weight of the Nation    09/23/18  (2)
Charles needs to write a US history textbook    09/23/18  (1)
Anyone read/have thoughts on Ishmael by Daniel Quinn?    09/23/18  (22)
Four eyewitnesses at Ford-Kavanaugh party deny it ever happened    09/23/18  (49)
Shrew gf: IBS rumbling; autistic gf: box like atomic clock    09/23/18  (5)
shrew gf: job in social media; autistic gf: "JEWS RUN THE MEDIA"    09/23/18  (5)
*autistic gf, indicating she wants you to hug her again before you leave*    09/23/18  (7)
bros i think i have cancer in my lower back    09/23/18  (19)
Hey Spaceporn I got a new job man    09/23/18  (1)
So much time & energy is wasted on ephemeral garbage it is really insane    09/23/18  (5)
35 years old, just "came out" as Gen-X to family and friends. Mostly supportive    09/23/18  (1)
Rate my Millennial Friend's life    09/23/18  (8)
Schumer confirms Rosenstein story is fake news (link)    09/23/18  (12)
XO fraud calling me bald I'd punch your nose into you face if I saw you (Boom)    09/23/18  (36)
Streaming 14 NFL games at once from "the cloud" as your muscles & brain atrophy    09/23/18  (1)
if ur not short and have an internet connection u can easily lie to dates    09/23/18  (5)
Lol at Serial season 3 coming out to zero buzz    09/23/18  (4)
Beto's jewess wife is 10 years younger than he is    09/23/18  (12)
autistic gf: i, ummm, really like you *blush*; shrew gf: show you love me!    09/23/18  (3)
Who is paying for Blasey Ford's lawyers?    09/23/18  (1)
autistic gf: i hate parties; shrew gf: YOURE COMING WITH ME OR IM LEAVING W HIM    09/23/18  (3)
Is it autistic to eat a balogney and mayo sandwich everyday    09/23/18  (2)
My fat friend went to gym for first time. Repped 225 12x on his first bench ever    09/23/18  (8)
BOOM=BALD want to meet somewhere so I can beat your ass to a pulp?    09/23/18  (35)
*11/8/16: Obeezy crying, on verge of suicide* "Well at least Hillary will be pre    09/23/18  (4)
autistic gf: Dragon Ball Z!; shrew gf: brunch with tea?!    09/23/18  (5)
taking XO suggestions on my next cosplay for NYC anime convention    09/23/18  (14)
Finished my 8th grad cert in 2018    09/23/18  (1)
under Obama the US was like a wife alone at the auto body shop    09/23/18  (24)
So the 49ers paid 200 million for a shitty backup quality QB?    09/23/18  (1)
People taking Minnesota in survivor leagues getting diapered.    09/23/18  (12)
how bad is $400k net worth at 30    09/23/18  (10)
what xo posts do you have stuck in your brain?    09/23/18  (50)
life in your 30s is just managing a neverending series of aches and pains    09/23/18  (6)
So libs are going with this being so traumatic she can't remember?    09/23/18  (81)
Help: serious problem with teeth grinding    09/23/18  (32)
Brewers hapa Christian Yeliliot Rodger is your 2018 NL MVP    09/23/18  (2)
shrew gf: "This isn't a game" (some bullshit); autistic gf: love this videogame!    09/23/18  (3)
autistic gf: :( don't kid around with me!; shrew gf: oooooh! romantic intrigue!    09/23/18  (3)
watchmen spent a decade locked in his room poasting...    09/23/18  (19)
Hi. I'm a woman. I am SOOOOOOO fragile! Everything RUINS ME!    09/23/18  (2)
boogie, all these riley holdover cucks need to be benched    09/23/18  (2)
Google, fb, Twtr, Amzn about to get antitrust pwned    09/23/18  (38)
Manafort has already started snitching (link)    09/23/18  (1)
Fall in Manhattan, warm coffee, left alumni bar after 30 point win, scarf on    09/23/18  (12)
cures you whisper make no sense, drift gently into mental illness    09/23/18  (1)
Music like Band of Horses and MGMT will be soundtrack to Americas demise    09/23/18  (6)
THE NFL FUCKING SUCKS #Packers    09/23/18  (13)
As Social Security Slides Toward Insolvency, Congress Relitigates Animal House    09/23/18  (23)
Just a reminder that the combination problem is lethal to panpsychism    09/23/18  (2)
Trump Flip Lib Fantasia    09/23/18  (7)
"I know all about flipping. For 30, 40 years I have been watching flippers."    09/23/18  (4)
Mueller might flip the Trump lawyer who lead the Mueller defense LMAO    09/23/18  (1)
Any CA folks familiar with DOL hearings?    09/23/18  (9)
So chinks bought up all American real estate and now everyone is a transgender?    09/23/18  (5)
Trump, his arms wide. Lyin' Ted in Iowa. Clinton, when the blue wall fell.    09/23/18  (22)
The women in Amsterdam are really hot    09/23/18  (24)
WLMAS watching Murphy Brown while cyber-stalking his internet enemies    09/23/18  (7)
I didn't mind white girl liberalism when it was basically r u OK w gays    09/23/18  (15)
rape is about poop, not sex    09/23/18  (7)
Ape girl I slept with chimped out about some dude who wouldnt get hardees w/ her    09/23/18  (2)
App girl I slept with blurted out about some dude who couldn't get hard with her    09/23/18  (53)
First they stopped torturing gays, I said nothing because Im gay    09/23/18  (4)
Why don't kids who are bullied tell their parents?    09/23/18  (5)
Beto should have taken propecia 10 yrs ago. recession looks bad during debate.    09/23/18  (5)
What should I know/ask when buying a condo?    09/23/18  (10)
When women in their 30s just let grey hair grow in ever-increasing abundance    09/23/18  (33)
Trumpmos, you really have nothing to say about Rosenstein? Thats a first    09/23/18  (10)
"HoldUp" is a literal paid Russian troll. Why assign a guy to low-trafficked xo?    09/23/18  (31)
Fucking mice in house    09/23/18  (64)
Should I buy this $450 high-tech ultralight rain jacket?    09/23/18  (7)
Porcelain skin blonde azn hunnies = the ultimate trophy girlfriend?    09/23/18  (8)
"you can still live well." *HUD backs up truckload of nigs in your suburb*    09/23/18  (2)
I remember freaking out when my high school LTR girlfriend started wearing legg    09/23/18  (1)
Friend of mine in Chicago pays for sex from a chick he met off OKCupid    09/23/18  (4)
what is chemically occuring with introversion (energy loss, etc). why no fix?    09/23/18  (29)
My Dads Took Me to the Ballgame Today. U Mad Libs?    09/23/18  (1)
Ted 2 objections    09/23/18  (1)
Third witness and lifelong friend of Blasey Ford CONFIRMS her allegations    09/23/18  (31)
What anime should i start tonight?    09/23/18  (7)
Autistic GF meme pics    09/23/18  (16)
i often day dream about being mentored by a mormon    09/23/18  (11)
GofundMe: Man Walking out on his Family for 6 Months to Look for the Good in Peo    09/23/18  (4)
arkan | backspace | acp | mig | holdup    09/23/18  (23)
arkan | backpage | acp | nig |robbery holdup    09/23/18  (3)
Grad Certs in Finance and Project Management >>>> EMBA    09/23/18  (2)
I'll take one for the team. Next left wing SCOTUS nom repeatedly raped me as boy    09/23/18  (1)
Is an EMBA worth it if your employer pays for most of it    09/23/18  (25)
CHOOSE: Los Angeles, SF-Bay Area, Chicago, MFH, Baltimore    09/23/18  (14)
Graduate certificates are the fastest-growing form of post-secondary credential    09/23/18  (1)
E-MBAs, just lol how prestige schools come up with $$$$$$ makers    09/23/18  (1)
Simon (the Pakistani character in HTGAWM) depicts the IRL watchmen 100% (vid)    09/23/18  (8)
turns out Amy 'Hoover' Sanders is a reference to her fellatio expertise    09/23/18  (1)
Green Back Suckers    09/23/18  (1)
just be a 30-something "journalist" with absolutely no skills except 2 things    09/23/18  (7)
Need legal scholars libslurper120 and GTTTR to break down Manafort plea    09/23/18  (3)
El Paso State numba one in Tx    09/23/18  (1)
libcrusher come here, truce    09/23/18  (2)
WLMAS bumping 3yo threads about samosas at 2am Saturday night. Sad.    09/23/18  (10)
Hypo: say the next Pope is conservative trad, reverses Francis' actions, but is    09/23/18  (3)
*MLB HR derby but it's libcrusher180, libs' skulls and an aluminum bat*    09/23/18  (4)
why does every commercial have niggers in it    09/23/18  (4)
libcrusher180 putting on his El Paso Tech shirt    09/23/18  (1)
"Can the psychological damage be repaired?"    09/23/18  (4)
kav's consistent 100% emphatic denials have been clutch    09/23/18  (3)
UCF 3-0 Nebraska 0-3    09/23/18  (1)
Trump considering cuts to boomer entitlements    09/23/18  (9)
3-0 UCF is AP #13. 4-0 Syracuse & 4-0 North Texas unranked    09/23/18  (1)
what's the best means of exerting power over others?    09/23/18  (20)
China buys 4 pages of Iowa newspaper for anti Trump advertising    09/23/18  (8)
assfaggot, I am flying to Europe Wednesday (PF)    09/23/18  (39)
Elon Musk cries when thinking about climate change    09/23/18  (14)
Reminder: only reason Ford is even in the news right now is b/c of Kevin De Leon    09/23/18  (10)
Charlie Brown tp -- who is this deranged pants-shitting AARP faggot?    09/23/18  (24)
Why dont kids who are assaulted by priests go to the police at once?    09/23/18  (9)
FREE MONEY: Tennessee (+4) at home at night vs Florida this Saturday    09/23/18  (12)

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