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dumb fuck GOP now will vote on pure repeal vote w/o replacement (link)    07/20/17  (106)
America is getting more Indians and Chinese immigrants than Mexicans    07/17/17  (88)
Five things XOXO collectively overrates    07/18/17  (79)
single male here. I earn $3,395/month. can i afford a $1,050/month apt in OC?    07/18/17  (65)
Really sad to see dudes in their 30s still dating    07/15/17  (59)
RSF here Giving away BTC to everyone ITT to prove I have more money than gatormo    07/20/17  (53)
Looks like only GOP "no's" on senate bill are Collins and Paul    07/18/17  (53)
As Paperwork Goes Missing, Private Student Loan Debts May Be Wiped Away (NY Time    07/17/17  (52)
Realize why I save no money: wife and I spend $70-80 per day on food    07/20/17  (50)
The film "Her" is embarrassing to watch    07/20/17  (44)
transactional work SUCKS    07/20/17  (42)
Dr David Duke pwns white women who date black men    07/18/17  (41)
who here eats PB and J sandwiches ?    07/20/17  (40)
Depression is so powerful that someone like Chester Bennington would kill self    07/20/17  (39)
I have some inside information concerning OmiseGo (OMG token)    07/20/17  (35)
This 16y/o teen from OC has a better body than 99% of women over 30    07/15/17  (35)
My V5 firm is now openly saying that "diversity" is the biggest partner consider    07/19/17  (33)
possible to pass the bar exam in 10 days?    07/16/17  (30)
Is Depression real? Or are those ppl just weak?    07/20/17  (29)
Watched "Before Sunrise" lol this movie is cringeworthy Gen-X trash    07/19/17  (29)
If Trump tweets this new WWE CNN video lib heads will explode (link    07/19/17  (29)
*(#) Official poll: How many alts do you have? (#)*    07/14/17  (28)
Trump Russia things is going to get fun when Grand Jury Indictments roll out    07/15/17  (27)
God Bless USA and Trump. my gang just finished this historic building (Picture)    07/18/17  (25)
Why was Ann Coulter moved from her seat?    07/19/17  (23)
I have figured out why people listen to "podcasts". To drown out their thoughts.    07/16/17  (22)
9th yr Biglaw Associate hurrying back to office with footlong from Subway    07/14/17  (22)
Why don't faggot Ivy league schools play in the FCS playoffs?    07/20/17  (21)
Inhouse interview Friday - how do I answer the "why inhouse?" question?    07/19/17  (21)
We should allow hunters to "hunt" grizzly bears but not kill them.    07/19/17  (21)
% of law school applicants who are STEM down to 5.7%    07/20/17  (19)
Obama had 8 years and did nothing to lift people out of poverty    07/20/17  (19)
Wrongful Term Settled for 425K    07/19/17  (18)
Smart-contract based Legal Agreement ICO LIVE NOW!    07/18/17  (18)
Which band has the best logo?    07/16/17  (18)
20% increase in LSAT takers.    07/14/17  (18)
Considering Cornell Law at Sticker    07/19/17  (17)
--{$}-- Official ETH Price Countdown Thread 7/18 --{$}--    07/18/17  (17)
Had McDonalds for the first time in years. Who eats this stuff? Very dry burgers    07/15/17  (17)
Just ran a 4.9 40. Electronically timed. Any good?    07/16/17  (16)
Amazing Blacked video...what is sex w/ this type of squirter really like?    07/16/17  (16)
Finally pwning the Ottomans on EU4 ironman    07/17/17  (16)
"Coincidentally, their profile photos were each taken on Macchu Picchu."    07/16/17  (16)
Everyone made lots on ETH then became greedy morons and got pwned?    07/14/17  (16)
POLL: will the Diamond industry get pwned in the next 10-20 years?    07/15/17  (15)
What happened to Helen Hunt?    07/20/17  (14)
HS cheerleaders were doing a car wash fund raiser today (pics)    07/18/17  (14)
Remember when Russian thugs threw a guy out a window & Sessions settled their $$    07/17/17  (14)
Minnesota fireman gets cat out of tree by shooting it with an RPG    07/19/17  (13)
Minneosta cop stops fleeing suspect with roadside bomb    07/19/17  (13)
If your wife had a drunken tirade at your friend what would you do?    07/16/17  (13)
Bored    07/15/17  (13)
Rate the Pink power ranger and her teen daughter in bikinis on instagram (link    07/20/17  (12)
"America" is a fucked up fake nation where you have no privacy or freedom    07/19/17  (12)
"5 Little Ducks" sang Kasich as he lead the kindergarteners into the basement    07/17/17  (12)
shrew claims BIGLAW work TOO interesting and rewarding    07/16/17  (12)
Running list of WLMAS pumos.    07/19/17  (11)
Uh mods did you see WLMAS stalking chandler and threatening to out him (link)    07/16/17  (11)
ETH at 148 lol    07/16/17  (11)
RATE THIS KID'S AUTISM holy PHUCK    07/14/17  (11)
REAL TALK: you can get fired from certain jobs if u defaulted on student loans    07/14/17  (11)
Can someone explain why this youtube vid has 15 million views    07/14/17  (11)
Leiter pens ranking "ethics" screed in Chronicle of Higher Education    07/20/17  (10)
LOL at being poor you fucking losers. I get more pussy than you ever will btw.    07/20/17  (10)
Minneosta cop shooting AK 47 in the air to celebrate wedding    07/19/17  (10)
Pics from Howard University parents weekend (link)    07/17/17  (10)
Where to buy a decent BELT??? All the belts at JCPenney are so STIFF.    07/15/17  (10)
Holy shit Assad just signed up for twitter with the handle @sunnistomper58    07/20/17  (9)
POLL: do u want Trump to be abolished/modify Obamacare    07/19/17  (9)
Russian agents are kidnapping black fathers and have been for decades (link    07/17/17  (9)
Called the cops on a dude drinking a beer in public    07/15/17  (9)
Iowa woman freezes to death in car after air conditioner malfunctions (link)    07/16/17  (9)
Why don't Indians change their turd names when they move to the US?    07/20/17  (8)
evan39 its crazy that we post with real actual lawyers who are wearing suits    07/20/17  (8)
How fucking dumb was this AlphaBay admin. Really shameful OPSEC    07/20/17  (8)
ARTICLE: Its never been harder to fill a job in America    07/20/17  (8)
--{$}-- Official ETH Price Countdown Thread --{$}--    07/19/17  (8)
let's all sell are ETH and forcememe a crash then rebuy    07/18/17  (8)
Because of white cuckoldry Islam will easily take over America    07/18/17  (8)
Travel. Brunch. Wine. My masters. My boss. Netflix. Cheese. Snacks. My career.    07/16/17  (8)
My goal in life is to jelq and stretch my wang till I have a BBC    07/16/17  (8)
Has anyone noticed that like 90% of women under 21 have a lazy eye    07/16/17  (8)
Subject: Why didn't you find this case? Please call me ASAP.    07/17/17  (8)
Best python learning resource on the internet, by FAR    07/15/17  (8)
So Biotech workers all make 60k? Why is this SPS career so popular?    07/16/17  (8)
You guys you will want this LGBT shirt (sfw)    07/19/17  (7)
xo poaster outed by anti defamation league    07/19/17  (7)
District0x ICO is live NOW    07/20/17  (7)
4 white people murdered and burned? Oh white suspects? Awesome front page (CNN)    07/17/17  (7)
Fuck the haters, I thought this was a good first episode    07/17/17  (7)
WLMAS did your dad throw a smokebomb before disappearing, like on kung fu movies    07/16/17  (7)
How do chinese parents tell if their twins are identical or not    07/17/17  (7)
reminder: gatti vs ward was the greatest fight in the last 50 years    07/16/17  (7)
Nerf gun can be easily modified to shoot live tarantulas (link)    07/16/17  (7)
Better example of collective psychosis: cryptomos or shitlibs?    07/14/17  (7)
Jews in congress are making it a felony to boycott Israel?    07/20/17  (6)
Kirby Puckett Jr hitting a home run off the left field minaret    07/19/17  (6)
The idea that we all have an "identity" is crazy if you think about it    07/19/17  (6)
how many mg's of oxycontin do you biglaw bros take daily?    07/19/17  (6)
8th person at Trump meeting identified; two more, and we can play a bball game!!    07/18/17  (6)
Brothers I love to workout but can never find the time.    07/17/17  (6)
How has no one posted the NYT article about the SV biglolyer that OD'd?    07/17/17  (6)
chandler you seen this? LA Galaxy rumored signing Neymar seen entering    07/16/17  (6)
Fed: 19 majors, GOAT, still has to either a) sleep w/ Mirka or b) cheat on Mirka    07/16/17  (6)
Hawaii judge rules yep, honiara is a great poster    07/14/17  (6)
Rate this Orange County escort    07/14/17  (6)
evan39 another "celeb" dead&rotting. Your thoughts?    07/20/17  (5)
$32 million stolen in largest hack in ETH history    07/19/17  (5)
Looked up ex. Now a professor. Possibly transexual    07/19/17  (5)
Engineering is the most alpha and important profession    07/19/17  (5)
100s of biglaw associates go missing every year.    07/19/17  (5)
Justine Diamond - how are people not rioting, killing blacks?    07/17/17  (5)
Why do schools require Personal Statements? Why do we all need some narrative?    07/17/17  (5)
Missing Dutch kayaker converted her thong into bow & arrow to hunt birds (link)    07/17/17  (5)
You can just bump an old thread and people will post in it like its new    07/17/17  (5)
Fight in congress now about paying for gender reassignment for US military    07/19/17  (5)
evan39 almost everyone here is dumb and a fraud    07/16/17  (5)
My friend's FB post decimates Baby Boomers & their entitlement    07/16/17  (5)
bt    07/16/17  (5)
Baby Driver is the most overrated film of the year so far    07/16/17  (5)
BS CS->2 yrs coding->HYS->2 yrs biglaw->5 yrs boutique law    07/15/17  (5)
Tried to fuck gf bareback last night; Hawaii judge barges in and orders condom    07/14/17  (5)
Trump owes billions to Russian oligarch who is blackmailing him. He was broke    07/13/17  (5)
Wife and I just had our first fight    07/19/17  (4)
The bottom of these tampons are blue so they look like the French flag after use    07/19/17  (4)
ETH will lose most of its value during Metropolis.    07/19/17  (4)
Is doobs taking the New York bar exam?    07/19/17  (4)
Minnesota LGBT groups putting trampolines at the base of skyscrapers    07/19/17  (4)
someone needs to teach MoreDoughHi the art of the blank bump    07/17/17  (4)
Parents: show this fable to your kids to teach them about Jews    07/16/17  (4)
Most of your women are getting BBC late at night    07/16/17  (4)
What do you know about Villa Park, California?    07/16/17  (4)
Technology amplifies inborn stats and mutes the randomness factor that used to e    07/16/17  (4)
Is Nadal still the best tennis player of all time?    07/16/17  (4)
Banana Republic is the SHIT. So many sweet DEAL$ on their 40% off rack.    07/16/17  (4)
Credited drug ordering for biglaw    07/17/17  (4)
Sawa hot pregnant blonde mom with 6 kids in tow    07/15/17  (4)
WLMAS did you sleep last night or did you stay up posting Russia conspiracies?    07/15/17  (4)
I'm getting ready to get rid of the internet forever    07/15/17  (4)
Don jr story losing steam    07/15/17  (4)
evan39 is it cr&healthy to keep doing this shit?    07/20/17  (3)
Got a Fish Filet from McDonalds with Mcgriddle buns (pics)    07/20/17  (3)
When did the term "Chad" start? I saw video of a guy with a "Chads for Bush"    07/20/17  (3)
Can someone bump all of the RSF parody threads?    07/20/17  (3)
womens income peaks at 38; mens income peaks at 49    07/20/17  (3)
Who here is an amazing teacher?    07/19/17  (3)
Reminder: if you had copped Susman you could be retired and traveling the world    07/19/17  (3)
Whoa, had no idea Amy Adams had a hot 15 year old daughter (pics)    07/19/17  (3)