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What are your expensive hobbies?    03/18/18  (108)
The BEST part about the crypto crash is short quotemo getting pwned    03/18/18  (90)
35, nearly 36, no friends, no women in my life, live in a regional area    03/18/18  (71)
What percentage of men can deadlift 500 lbs?    03/18/18  (63)
Midlaw partner making ~500k/yr. what do with life? litigation is fucking awful    03/18/18  (57)
typical tmi jmaw update    03/18/18  (48)
140IQ min. to begin to grasp spaceporn shtick    03/18/18  (47)
Remember college GFs? Basically no work and lots of fresh sex    03/18/18  (42)
Television is quickly becoming irrelevant    03/18/18  (42)
"clean white retard" is a coward, bans you from tinychat so he can doobs in peac    03/18/18  (42)
What is your "go-to" cook from scratch meal that you make? Also, the recipe.    03/18/18  (41)
Can't believe the degree to which that quotemo was right about "arkan"    03/18/18  (37)
Lmao at cornered rat Trump's latest tweet    03/18/18  (36)
Thinking of designing Shrew trading cards; help me come up with stats for each    03/18/18  (34)
Are there some fields deemed too important for affirmative action?    03/18/18  (34)
looks like im not going to maek it after all and my greed ruined my life lmao    03/18/18  (31)
V5 senior associate, lateral to lower-ranked firm or stay put?    03/18/18  (31)
"clean white glory" tp will always be synonymous with "raped by priest" on XO    03/18/18  (31)
alien archeologist: "o wow so they fed and clothed a savage subspecies until it    03/18/18  (31)
Wife told me she is happy other woman in the house hears her sex screams    03/18/18  (30)
All-Women Engineering Team Blamed for Collapse of Miami Pedestrian Bridge    03/18/18  (28)
just told wife im not moving the goddamn piano    03/18/18  (28)
Why was the movie Hannibal so underrated and poorly received by critics?    03/18/18  (27)
Rate this 29-year old curvy model married to a fitness chad (XO Daily Mail)    03/18/18  (27)
"clean white retard" sounds like a fob east euro plumber    03/18/18  (27)
Rate this chick (insta pics)    03/18/18  (25)
Didn't realize rach stopped allowing new accounts. Board is gonna die yo.    03/18/18  (25)
Michelle Obama FAILED at making kids not fatties    03/18/18  (25)
Anyone have brutal & true CHEATING stories from college days?    03/18/18  (23)
There are minority-owned 'companies' that exist solely as middle men    03/18/18  (23)
Should i vote to legalize pot in my state yes or no?    03/18/18  (23)
Lol Peterman waited for one year to avoid paying cap gains on crypto    03/18/18  (22)
LMAO at Ben Affleck and his Napoleon Dynamite-esque tattoos    03/18/18  (21)
reminder to Irish micks: British Empire in prime was greatest civilization ever    03/18/18  (21)
Only 30% of men in history have successfully reproduced versus 80% of women    03/18/18  (21)
Rate this Indian model    03/18/18  (21)
Girls aged 15-18 think having sex as a teen is important in their bucket list    03/18/18  (20)
Baldmos DONE HERE: This is what young girls think of you, LJL (DTP)    03/18/18  (20)
What is arkan's nefarious plan once he finds us out? What happened on ejmr    03/18/18  (20)
Reminder: Republicans want to limit 401k contibutions to $2,400/year    03/18/18  (19)
Charles do you still fast ?    03/18/18  (19)
DTP taking questions here    03/18/18  (19)
Rob Gray is an example of a guy that would kill it in the NBA but nobody will    03/18/18  (19)
Wife: I need to do my laundry tomorrow, and by I, I mean you    03/18/18  (19)
Peter Thiel: "Our greatest political problem is the problem of political correct    03/18/18  (18)
Do ppl in warmer climates have less home maintenance? Homes age slower?    03/18/18  (18)
*glances at crypto* "honey lets use couchsurfing 4 our honeymoon. authentic trav    03/18/18  (18)
i work in a company that is "minority owned biz" and we get govt support    03/18/18  (17)
The favorite guns of Chicago criminals    03/18/18  (17)