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Post your favorite all time video game and I'll tell you why it sucks    08/16/17  (175)
Black Girl w Shit GPA at OCI Demanding To Know What WE Are Doing About Diversity    08/13/17  (158)
Dinged a summer for being a Trumpmo    08/08/17  (157)
Reminder: Blacks don't feel guilt like whites do about anything    08/14/17  (144)
Just read the full Damore memo. WTF!? This is controversial???    08/10/17  (138)
*.*.*. OFFICIAL GAME OF THRONES S7E2 THREAD .*.*.*    07/26/17  (135)
Rate this college girls weight gain (pics)    08/12/17  (113)
Just had gay sex (bottom) in a Jimmy John's men's room, taking ?s    08/11/17  (103)
Lost virginity at 27. Taking questions.    08/04/17  (98)
Anybody ever read biglaw partner divorce trial transcripts for the lolz?    08/18/17  (90)
POLL: WHEN did you become a REPUBLICAN?    08/19/17  (85)
LAWYERS: can business owner sue you over bad Yelp reviews?    07/24/17  (85)
Lol at people w obscure engineering degrees like "civil" interviewing for patent    08/12/17  (80)
Former LSAT instructors - tell stories about how much some people STRUGGLED    08/20/17  (79)
Wasted 25-35 in biglaw, but now can retire with 1.5M    07/26/17  (77)
WOW some yuuge whale contract just sent 2.9k eth to MASS contract... Sale over    07/25/17  (76)
Black white IQ gap, 1918-2008    08/12/17  (74)
Threw a chunk into the d0x crowdsale basically last minute    08/14/17  (71)
Choosing Biglaw SA    08/19/17  (68)
Rate Steve Job's 19 year old daughter (Daily Mail)    07/28/17  (65)
Anyone excited about the upcoming NFL season?    08/01/17  (64)
Example of white/asian privilege    08/09/17  (63)
Lol WLMAS got banned    08/12/17  (63)
Ever been caught masturbating by a chick and she gets horny and fucks you?    07/26/17  (63)
Best companies to go in house at?    08/09/17  (62)
Why are American blacks more violent than blacks in Africa?    08/06/17  (62)
The movie "Winter's Bone" was an outpouring of Jewish contempt for whites    08/01/17  (60)
Women are both more fitness obsessed and fatter than ever    08/20/17  (58)
Check out this Chad tinder shit. Women are completely done here now (pic)    08/10/17  (58)
Social media is exposing three things about mindless libs    08/21/17  (53)
In Orange county, whites and Mexicans get along well    08/13/17  (52)
People use the term "six figure salary" wrongly    08/21/17  (51)
cville thing has made XO an island of crazy in sea of a different kind of crazy.    08/14/17  (51)
Help me pick a European escort for my London trip (NSFW)    08/15/17  (50)
Starting Cornell Law at sticker.. is this respectable?    08/20/17  (48)
Visited some prole goy family. Lots of tacky sayings all over the walls    08/09/17  (48)
POLL: do u shop at Ross, TJMAXX, Nordstrom Rack    08/01/17  (48)
What $ salary do you need by 30 to be respected?    07/24/17  (48)
Supreme CUCK Paul Ryan condemns Charlottesville marchers    08/12/17  (47)
Can cops really ticket you for using cell phone in a parked car? Need legal advi    08/04/17  (47)
NFL and CFB seasons are going to be absolute shit shows with blacks protesting    08/18/17  (46)
Insane Cunt Kamala Harris wants disparate impact to apply to wage gap    08/08/17  (45)
Poll: Does Trump run in 2020??    08/17/17  (44)
Why do goyim love subscription services    08/07/17  (44)
Washing your own car is extreme Goy bullshit    07/21/17  (44)
5th year litigator, should I take this inhouse job?    08/06/17  (42)
Half of CLS students are paying sticker = $335K all in    07/22/17  (42)
Bros, need your advice on a LEGAL matter involving a CONTRACT    08/20/17  (41)
Taking questions. No holds barred (Frank Lloyd Wrong)    07/31/17  (41)
Heller will be the deciding vote on skinny repeal    07/28/17  (41)
WHAT'S YOUR CREDIT SCORE?    08/04/17  (40)
Harrison Barnes on the transformation of a lawyer    08/11/17  (38)
Guy murdered his hot mormon wife on a prole goy cruise for laughing at him (link    08/02/17  (38)
High school cousin posted pic of her and 3 friends nude by a campfire. WTF?    08/01/17  (38)
Prestigious and Prole Surnames from various ethnicities?    08/14/17  (37)
Took Trump all of 7 month to bring us to brink of nuclear war. Good job America.    08/09/17  (37)
How do I explain Charlottesville to my son?    08/15/17  (36)
Colombian troops are gonna invade Venezuela    08/06/17  (36)
Dodge killer like case of voluntary manslaughter, no terrorism?    08/15/17  (35)
black kid with 126 arrests charged with murder    08/13/17  (35)
If you're not Republican by the time you have worked 2-3 years out of college,    08/07/17  (35)
harvard class of 2021: 14.6% african american (link)    08/07/17  (35)
Boomer on Housing: I feel sorry for Millennials, but fuck them.    07/28/17  (35)
Has Peterman ever intentionally made a funny post?    08/17/17  (34)
Jeopardy clues about XOXO POASTERS    08/11/17  (33)
Doobs will have a 20+ year career on the lots. Peterman will be lucky to last 5.    08/07/17  (33)
Sorry but women in the workplace are AWFUL    07/29/17  (33)
Lifting weights over 30 without gear is pointless    08/03/17  (33)
How did we get to this point?    08/16/17  (32)
nerdy teen girl gets makeover, looks stunning in a bikini wow (pics)    08/12/17  (31)
Weird. Attractive 26 yr old secretary candidate has literally no online presence    08/16/17  (31)
Rate this cute white girl married to an Fob Asian (NY Times)    08/05/17  (31)
CIA spent 1 billion on Syrian rebels that achieved nothing lol (NY Times)    08/03/17  (31)
Was the Nintendo Gamecube 180    07/30/17  (31)
ITT XOXO-approved fiction    07/30/17  (31)
LA Times: For Jewish Americans, echoes of the Holocaust and anger over Trump's r    08/19/17  (30)
Why do girls get fat flabby arms?    07/30/17  (30)
LATimes OpEd on chink lawyers    07/25/17  (30)
Iraqi soldiers throw ISIS dude off cliff then shoot him (video)    07/22/17  (30)
Super Metroid came out 23 years ago and there hasn't been a better game since    07/22/17  (30)
The "east coast" is a swampy garbage hellhole full of idiots    08/09/17  (29)
So people get on here and just write stuff about poasters being gay prostitutes?    08/08/17  (29)
Would you rather be 5'10" and jacked or 6'4" and skinny fat/dad bod?    08/03/17  (29)
YouTube bans Jordan Peterson from posting new videos.    08/03/17  (29)
Joe Arpaio found guilty of criminal contempt    08/01/17  (29)
Holy shit at this HS cheer camp slip n slide video (link)    08/16/17  (28)
Walked into an office full of minorities at work, announced "Sup, Democrats?"    08/06/17  (28)
World's richest man in 1995: $12.9bb; Today: $90bb; That seems bad    07/28/17  (28)
ITT list slang created by white folks    08/11/17  (27)
Trump is stupid if he wants to ban low-skilled immigrants but at the same time    08/07/17  (27)
mcconnell has the votes    07/28/17  (27)
white people need to make latinos Islamophobic    08/21/17  (26)
33 year old white teacher get pregnant by 14 year old black football star    08/14/17  (26)
What was Germany like in ancient Roman days were people barbarians or did they    08/06/17  (26)
Rate this viral video of blacks beating up white suburban kids    08/13/17  (26)
Guaranteed partnership @ family firm: full ride to 2 yr JD @ Touro justifiable?    07/30/17  (26)
How much can you negotiate on in-house salary if you don't need to leave firm?    08/15/17  (25)
Should honiara be banned for spamming?    08/09/17  (25)
Been lurking/posting on this shit bort for 12! Years (FMA). Taking/Giving ?s    07/22/17  (25)
Capital One Money Market account yields 1.1 percent    07/22/17  (25)
Add "Tom Clancy's" to video game titles    07/22/17  (25)
white americans need mexicans    08/20/17  (24)
Friend is an MLS soccer player, makes less than $90k    08/17/17  (24)
Sexual market imbalance is the #1 societal fault line ripe for alt-right to expl    08/14/17  (24)
How does the entire transcript of Trump's calls get leaked within an hour?    08/03/17  (24)
realtime bar exam discussion thread    07/25/17  (24)
why is mexico superior than most eastern european countries    08/21/17  (23)
By the alt-right's logic we should build statues for those destroying statues    08/15/17  (23)
What are girls who went to Wellesley like?    08/14/17  (23)
POLL: would u hire someone convicted of soliciting a prostitute?    08/11/17  (23)
started writing XOXOHTH on everything underwater (pics)    08/18/17  (23)
Remember how Obama talked endlessly about "green jobs"? Lmao    08/05/17  (23)
Rate these two cute white girls fighting    08/21/17  (22)
Why were the Romans much more advanced that the Germans\Aryans\Celts    08/21/17  (22)
Women dropping their fat cuck husbands off at Buffalo Wild Wings adult daycare    08/11/17  (22)
33 year old female refugee crosses Mediterranean on stand up paddleboard    08/09/17  (22)
I'm being freidnzoned , abandon ship ?    08/06/17  (22)
What are you thoughts about Islip, New York?    08/01/17  (22)
So WLMAS just regurgitates crap from the "patribotics" blog?    07/30/17  (22)
Hypo: $10 Million to live in Karachi Pakistan for 5 years    07/29/17  (22)
Always funny when Biglaw firms get worked up about legal opinions    07/25/17  (22)
Why don't people like John Updike's fiction?    08/03/17  (21)
Why do Jews still follow their BS religion when most are atheists    08/01/17  (21)
learned more law cramming for the bar in 3 days than entire 3 years of lawschool    07/29/17  (21)
lol kyrie irving requests a trade    07/22/17  (21)
Why is the media making a bigger deal of this than the Dallas guy killing cops?    08/15/17  (20)
it's mostly white girls who think height is the most important attribute in a ma    08/14/17  (20)
explain "heartiste"    08/11/17  (20)
What historical figures would almost certainly have been xoxoers?    08/09/17  (20)
faggot 42 y/o NU bio PROFESSOR for murdering his gay rentboi lover    08/07/17  (20)
WLMAS why are u always acting like a DC insider from your moms basement?    07/29/17  (20)
Ljl at Goy of Thrones just watch your wizards&dragons while jews rob u blind    07/25/17  (20)
Who's ready for the yuuge ETH bull run in Monday morning?    07/25/17  (20)
lol wtf Georgetown Center and George Washington take over 100 transfers each    07/22/17  (20)
Rate my Saturday brothers (Lonely xoMo)    08/20/17  (19)
LOL CNN - FAKE NEWS on Google protests    08/16/17  (19)
Friends wife routinely takes off for months at a time to "visit family"    08/15/17  (19)
Is there really a meth and opiate epidemic in U.S?    08/06/17  (19)
Girl I'm dating has brother, 32, who is French lit scholar at public ivy    07/31/17  (19)
rate these proles copping ACTUAL middle-class jobs:    07/27/17  (19)
why do bar exam takers spray shit out their ass all over the place all morning    07/27/17  (19)
Making paella. Had no idea saffron was so expensive.    07/26/17  (19)
Burger King dies with no heir. Chain renamed Burger Regency Council    07/28/17  (19)
reminder: women are constantly shedding asymptomatically contagious HSV-2 herpes    08/03/17  (19)
Hypo: you start as a freshman tomorrow at Arizona State at your current age    08/21/17  (18)
Madden 2018 lets you loot white neighborhoods for reparations (link)    08/15/17  (18)
Shitpit asking Golden Retriever about firm commitment to diversity    08/20/17  (18)
Xoxo is really full of retards now    08/14/17  (18)