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PDDJ smearing curry on DBG pre-coitus.    07/15/18  (94)
How is it possible for 30s men/women to date when getting fat/going bald? (DTP)    07/15/18  (67)
Ocazia-Cortez is an hispanic identitarian, not a 'socialist'    07/15/18  (62)
Elon Musk calls British rescue diver a "pedo guy"    07/15/18  (35)
go ON THE RECORD ITT: Will Trump Win in 2020?    07/15/18  (28)
where do you live    07/15/18  (26)
GO ON THE RECORD ITT: Who will be Dem POTUS nominee in 2020?    07/15/18  (26)
Bikini pics of Croatian president are absolutely revolting. WTF (pics)    07/15/18  (24)
Love him or hate him, Lawman8 is most influential poaster on XO today    07/15/18  (16)
NO SOCCER FOR SIX MORE YEARS!    07/15/18  (16)
Trump: EU Is An Enemy Of The USA    07/15/18  (16)
reminder: african blacks have no affinity for american blacks    07/15/18  (15)
Newspaper publisher resigns after singing along w rap song, saying nigga    07/15/18  (15)
Scary story abt NJ hospital waving Russian agents into US like 3rd base coach    07/15/18  (14)
reminder: a Tulsi Gabbard/Sherrod Brown ticket would be dem's best 2020 shot    07/15/18  (13)
"I apologize for saying the word nigger"    07/15/18  (13)
Emma Watson grew her hair back. She's fuckable again. 180.    07/15/18  (12)
lawman, was it facemo who had the stable of alts?    07/15/18  (12)
WTF!!!!!! Phys Ed teacher makes 130k!? This can't be true    07/15/18  (12)
NY Post: Peter Strzoks arrogance is the product of a corrupt FBI    07/15/18  (10)
Is Putin for Croatia or France    07/15/18  (10)
all "Anti-War" protesters in Ken Burn's "Vietnam" are jews    07/15/18  (9)
0% Trump demands Putin tomorrow turn over the indicted Russian hackers?    07/15/18  (9)
Nobody cares about this Russian hacking bullshit    07/15/18  (9)
Alpha Macron just made out with Croation POTUS    07/15/18  (9)
Planned Parenthood commercial: protect your right to fuck anyone anytime! (Liter    07/15/18  (9)
Lets all pool our resources and buy a shipyard in China    07/15/18  (8)
I get drunk easily (evan39)    07/15/18  (8)
LMAO .,.,.:..,:,..:.,.,:,..:.,:,.:.,.
,:.,,..:, = WLMAS alt account
   07/15/18  (8)
Do you have a heart? Wheres the pride? The Love? All of it?    07/15/18  (8)
Ethereum mooning, buy now    07/15/18  (8)
Dyslexic CEO fired from ING    07/15/18  (8)
Decided to watch "American Graffiti" because Boomers said it was so great    07/15/18  (8)
Djoker 27-25 H2H vs Lance, 2x As Many Wimbys, 6x As Many AOs #tennis    07/15/18  (8)
What movie should i watch?    07/15/18  (7)
Rate the story and pic of this nowig gangster carjacking in S Fla    07/15/18  (7)
guy pushes his PEDO views: nothing, poasts poop in a bag: nothing    07/15/18  (7)
I have a feeling Obama might be the shitlib nominee's running mate in 2020    07/15/18  (7)
Will the Doobs/Los Zetas feud unravel the Breezewood Compromise?    07/15/18  (7)
Is Europe more powerful than USA    07/15/18  (7)
ITT: question for white people, do you let yourself get suntanned?    07/15/18  (7)
How do blindmos know when to stop wiping their ass?    07/15/18  (7)
Djoker At #10, Isner At Career High #8, Ando At Career High #5 #tennis    07/15/18  (7)
everytime i buy shoes theyre too big    07/15/18  (7)
Oddly enough, Team Niger made up entirely of white Frenchmen named Gaston    07/15/18  (7)
TMF and MND drive beamers and sleep on a futon what the hell    07/15/18  (6)
This 17 year old NBA prospect has an insane wingspan    07/15/18  (6)
Life expectancy may fall hard in the coming decades    07/15/18  (6)
Why is this thread in the garbage board?    07/15/18  (6)
Hope youre doing and getting what you want out of this life my friends    07/15/18  (6)