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Ragnus, do you remember me telling you to knock it off?    10/18/17  (74)
Zionism is just Nazism for Jews    10/18/17  (68)
Alt right icon Mike Enoch gets lifepwned (New Yorker)    10/18/17  (63)
the insane RSF brother spammer is UVT    10/18/17  (47)
List your five favorite albums ITT    10/18/17  (43)
Rate Her - Guess Age    10/18/17  (33)
ITT: I rate you as two stanzas of racist trochaic tetrameter    10/18/17  (33)
Why does EVERY SINGLE ASIAN AGED 20 TO 40 like J. Crew so much    10/18/17  (32)
Rate my dates this weekend    10/18/17  (29)
MILEMOS, STATE your current balance by program    10/18/17  (26)
Maryland to Hawaii Judge: "Turn Trump around, I wanna finish on his face"    10/18/17  (26)
Thinking about getting a Tinder coach for online dating    10/18/17  (26)
I will name a pornstar, you guess their work and education history    10/18/17  (25)
Scarlett Johansson transitioning (xo DailyMail)    10/18/17  (23)
Hey Ragnus, guess what 48 y/o Wendi Deng is doing? Dating 21 y/o CHAD (DTP)    10/18/17  (22)
xoxo is seriously one of the best websites in the world    10/18/17  (21)
this is 42 yr old Winnie Cooper (pic)    10/18/17  (21)
Hey Ragnus, your wife = Wendi Deng. You will LOSE in court. (DTP)    10/18/17  (21)
Dark Side of the Moon is one of the GOAT albums    10/18/17  (20)
XO displays a new graphic in Chrome tab. 180.    10/18/17  (20)
Trumpmos: Nothing wrong with what Trump said. Trump: I wouldnt say such filth    10/18/17  (19)
Should I next tackle Xenogears (PS1), Chrono Trigger, Alundra, or Persona 1?    10/18/17  (19)
BK cashier said I look like a certain celeb. Guess who ITT. I will give hints.    10/18/17  (19)
Hockeymos... odds this kid plays at least 1 game in the show?    10/18/17  (18)
still lol imagining scrawny monsterface dork prince tp on mdma at the mall    10/18/17  (17)
Christina El Moussa is SINGLE AGAIN BOYS    10/18/17  (17)
RATE this cutie in the shower    10/18/17  (16)
Top 3 Kirk Hammett solos?    10/18/17  (16)
Why are women unable to play the guitar?    10/18/17  (15)
Is an mba @ UWisc/UNC type schools OOS ever a good idea?    10/18/17  (14)
Rach: petition to create a "By unhinged pumos about you" button    10/18/17  (14)
businesses that refer to their site as a 'campus'    10/18/17  (14)
Explain the feud between Prestigefaggot and Whokebe and who the fuck is jinx    10/18/17  (14)
i'm gonna need you to RATE this gif of Oilvia Wilde (link)    10/18/17  (14)
You could live in Alaska and have a cheerful gf like this (pic)    10/18/17  (14)
Are there people on here who actually haven't had a one night stand?    10/18/17  (14)
I'm doing my best to live everyday life during my legal mess    10/18/17  (13)
building a PC. please let me know your thoughts on this build (link)    10/18/17  (13)
Have to go to a 2 day CLE next month. What to wear    10/18/17  (13)
Rate this post on why people voted for Trump    10/18/17  (12)
In my not so humble opinion, these here be the TOP 20 albums or ALL TIME    10/18/17  (12)
African Americans are foolish to think we Mexicans sympathize with their pain    10/18/17  (12)
Alt right became an overnight sensation while "libertarians" are still unpopular    10/18/17  (12)
After success of Kate Upton, SI adds another plus-size model for swimsuit issue    10/18/17  (12)
Ann Coulter is fantastic with the pen, but not so much in interviews    10/18/17  (12)
Where's the thread where Beckersted retires?    10/18/17  (12)
I fucking LIVE for ragnus threads    10/18/17  (11)
NH Dem poll 2020 Bernie 31, Biden 24, Warren 13, Booker 6, MOM 3, Hick 2, Zuck 2    10/18/17  (11)
What is the credited wallet?    10/18/17  (11)
Vegas survivor claimed multiple shooters    10/18/17  (11)